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  • AudioAgency2014

    Radio & Audio Agency of the Year


    Eardrum Australia was named Radio and Audio Agency of the Year at the London International Advertising Awards for the second year running, which was pretty damn awesome. This year, fifteen awards including three gold and seven silver, were given to campaigns we've created or directed.

    We've been fortunate to work with some terrific clients in 2014 and hopefully these awards justify the decision to get us on board.

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  • Commercial Radio Australia - Brand Campaign


    There's a lot to love about radio. We know it, listeners know it and thanks to the latest brand campaign for Commercial Radio Australia, so will advertisers.

    The 'It's a Love Thing' theme focuses on the unique bond between a listener and his or her station, and how that loyalty and trust extends to the brands that advertise.

    We took Colmar Brunton's research and turned it into the catchiest campaign on Australian radio.

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  • abcdnamusic

    ABC DNA Music


    The passion and knowledge of Classic FM's presenters is what sets the station apart. So, under the campaign banner 'Where Music Lives' we composed bespoke themes based on the DNA of each presenter.

    Now, every time a listener hears one of the DNA themes, they will be reminded of the special people who bring their favourite music to life.

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  • commercial insurance

    Commercial Insurance


    A campaign full of life, story and craft. Commercial Insurance combines impressive sound design with some smartly written scripts to bring two seemingly unrealted stories together - for when your destiny's meet. So successful it was named the 2014 'World's Best' radio campaign of the year.

    Agency; Impact BBDO, Dubai

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