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The task

create a radio & online campaign to help NRMA reduce churn and acquire new members in the 18-35 year demographic.

NRMA needed to promote its Motoring Advice Line and MotorServe Centres and make their brand relevant to a younger audience. Eardrum partnered with social media specialist TCO to come up with the pitch winning idea and the campaign results surpassed all expectations.

NRMA 60 Second Commercial

With 80% of the budget going to radio, the creative needed to be distinctive and entertaining. We cast Tim Ross as our campaign spokesperson and this 60sec helped kicked things off.

NRMA Day Part Specific

Radio allowed us to talk to our audience at the most relevant times of day and tailor our message accordingly.

NRMA Auto-tagging

By tagging the commercials of other auto advertisers, we were able to bring the campaign line to life - ‘for all things motoring, members NRMAit!’.

NRMA Station Breakdowns

Drivers these days don’t think they’ll breakdown. We came up with an innovative way to remind them that it could happen to anyone … even a radio station.

The Results

  • 2000 new Premium Care members.
  • Awareness of the Advice Line increased by 51%

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