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The task

Create a radio campaign to encourage the use of Strepsils at the first sign of a sore throat.

Research showed that consumers only used Strepsils for severe sore throats. If they experienced a ‘tickle’ they would take non-medicated throat ‘lollies’.

Eardrum created a series of radio commercials, which explained how, taking Strepsils at the first signs, will stop a tickle turning into a more serious sore throat.

This message was supported by some ambush marketing, which we understand is a world first for the medium.

A group of actors were recruited to listen in to their local commercial radio station and participate in the talkback. During the conversation they develop a ‘tickle’ and excuse themselves and take a Strepsil, explaining that it’s what they do as soon as they get the first sign of a sore throat.

Strepsils Cold Callers

The Results

<The various mentions over the 2 weeks reached a combined audience of 2million listeners with additional news coverage reaching a further one million consumers.

Media spend = nil.

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