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Rather than just being associated with entertainment, your brand can actually BE the entertainment. Eardrum has written for TV, radio, online and even for mega-stars like John Cleese. Needless to say, we know this business of show. The days of interruption marketing are numbered. To connect with consumers brands need to entertain as well as inform. Eardrum has produced branded programming for radio stations, mobile phones and websites around the world, so we know what listeners want and the best way to get it to them.

Eardrum re-created a YouTube classic and gave it a new lease of life for Vodafone.

Alaskan Dentist

An example taken from a series of sketches which highlight the alternative medical options inadequate health insurance. These were introduced and back announced live on-air.

Boddingtons - Barrel Of Laughs

Boddingtons is a beer brand with a funny name. Well it is now anyway. Thanks to campaigns like this, their name is synonymous with live comedy. We brightened up the radio listeners' day with over 100 live comedy clips, and even taught them ‘how to be a barrel of laughs’ (barrel … beer … see what we did?)

Branded Content Opportunities on Digital Radio

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