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Using a consistent brand voice will help reinforce your brand across all audio touchpoints, and Eardrum’s casting team is world famous for matching brands and campaigns with the perfect voice. We will ensure the end-line of your TV ad, your radio campaign, on-hold message or in-store announcements will all speak as one. Literally.

Casting Compilation

There’s one reason 90% of TV voice work is done by 5% of voice talent: Time.

It takes time to uncover new talent, time to record demos, time to negotiate celebrity rates. Time you don’t have.

Eardrum, on the other hand, is not only obsessed with voice casting, we have the recourses to do local, national and international searches without disrupting your deadline. Our database is vast, our determination dogged, and our results … well hopefully this compilation reel will speak for itself.

This inspiring script called for a big voice. Once we auditioned this 6.6’ US basketball coach, we new we’d found da man and with an equally sizable bit of directing, we also found our read.
Agency: Mojo, New Zealand


Most actors can pull out a Speedy Gonzales Mexican accent at the drop of a sombrero. But a more authentic approach was required to allow the comedy to sneak up on you. After an extensive search, we came across a Mexican teacher with sizable cojones and the ability to take direction.

Agency: M&C Saatchi, Melbourne

Qantas Socceroos
‘Tough sounding Aussie bloke’ is a very common brief. Our solution was anything but common as we cast theatre and film actor Paul Tessone in one of his first commercial voice-overs.
Agency: M&C Saatchi, Sydney.

Voice Casting Uncovered
In a candid interview with Eardrum’s Founding Creative Director, Ralph van Dijk, we discover the intimate details of what happens on the voice-casting couch.

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