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Client Testimonials

  • Jim Jam Ideas

    "If you want your creative idea to reach or even surpass its full potential, use Eardrum."

    Charlie Cook
  • The Brand Agency

    "You always have a clear idea of what you’re looking for when you write a script and there’s nothing better than when the end result far exceeds your expectations. As usual Eardrum’s casting and direction was bang on the money, ensuring that each of these ads sounded just wrong enough, to feel just right."

    Garry Horner
    Executive Creative Director
  • Meerkats

    "Eardrum was brilliant to work with. It started with great casting. They found the perfect talent and worked with her and the scripts to really make them as good as they could be. The recording session was great fun and Ralph added so much to the sound and performances that the end result was far and beyond what I could have hoped for."

    Tom Wilson
    Senior Copywriter
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